2008 Upper Deck Series II review

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So close to perfection!

Talk about a delayed affect. As Tatiana and I were shooting the box break for 2008 Upper Deck series two I kept thinking to myself after every pack, “no auto”, “no game-used”, “no serial #’d”. I was honestly a little disapointed but kept up a good front for Tatiana who loves busting packs more than anyone I have ever known.

A few hours later I began to look through the giant stack of cards to pick a few to scan and something came over me that hasn’t for a long time: JOY. After looking through each and every card I realized that this was my favorite box of the year, so far. There may not be any autographs and only one game-used out of the entire box but it’s got every player we have seen in person, has been nice to us at games, etc. It didn’t take any flash and somehow it beat out SPx. Unbelievable.

Design: B+

It’s identical, as far as I can tell to Series one and the photography is top notch once more. It truly does put to shame the photography used in Topps but everyone already knows that. It’s great to get cards of players on their actual teams, too.

Price: B+

You can buy a box for under $70 dollars all day on eBay. With the amount of cards you get, the inserts and one “hit”, it’s the best bang for your buck that I have seen all year long.

Pulls: B+

I already have “Big Papi”, Albert Pujols, and Derek Jeter so it’s great to finally own cards of Florida Marlins pitcher Mark Hendrickson and Jorge Cantu on their actual teams. I only recieved one “hit” but it was of a somewhat, well-known player. I wasn’t expecting a Derek Jeter autograph but I walked away thrilled with my new collection of cards.

Overall: A

It’s hard not to give this product an A+ but there is one thing that held it back from a perfect grade. Series one had three hits, including an autograph but series two contained just one. If the box was sold for under $70 and contained three guaranteed “hits” it would have easily garnered a perfect score!




  1. This might have been a retail box. I opened a hobby box of UD Series 2 and I got two Team USA autographed cards.

  2. You opened a retail box buddy. I knew that as soon as I saw the picture of the box yesterday. The 2 Buchholz facing each other gives it away as retail. The hobby boxes just have 1 full pic of him. The hobby boxes do have 3 hits. 1 auto and 2 game used. The auto and 1 game used are team USA, and the other game used is a veteran player. For base cards however, it’s a good deal. The retail boxes are much cheaper. There is one on eBay now for $49.95

  3. So tell me which is the better box to grap? 2008 Upper Deck SPX or 2008 Upper Deck Series Two?

  4. I love this 2008 Upper Deck. The last few years have been nice, but the borders have seemed so forced and out of place. They just did away with the borders this year and it makes for great clean looking cards.

  5. Curt Schilling u have a big mouth, just shut it up, i don’t like the Boston Red sox or any team from Boston but i just want to see the Celtics win the championship. I truly hate the Lakers and Mr. Kobe. Go Yankess.

  6. Kosuke!!!!! ❤

    Forget the random Cubbies… Assuming that Pictureless Tristar Andrew Miller auto ever actually gets here (about three weeks I sent payment and I’m still waiting… :(), I’d give it up for just the Fukudome.

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