2008 SPx Review

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The King Is Dead!

I must say that the anticipation from the readers of Wax Heaven for 2008 SPx has been quite a shock to me. For months people have been asking for my review after last year’s SPx received a perfect score, the only one ever handed out. I was a young collector then, new to the hobby once again and excited about every “hit” I pulled. Today, I realize that it’s not just the game-used and autographs that make the product but also the design, player checklist, etc.

Here is my review for 2008 SPx. Will it live up to the hype?

Design: B

While this year’s base card design looks great, I believe it is a step back from 2007. I think both the base and game-used design is not as aesthetically-pleasing as last year’s but the Rookie Signature inserts are beautiful. If I was a Ken Griffey Jr. fan, I’d be drooling all over the “American Hero” set. It’s much, much better than the Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 that Topps littered the hobby world with in 2007.

Price: B

I did not pay for my box but did dig up some prices on eBay. The lowest I could find a box for was $144 and the highest was $195 so if I were to buy in at around $170 and with a guaranteed 10 hits I’d be happy with the outcome, even if all I did was pull 10 Bronson Sardinha’s. This hobby is a gamble and you won’t come away a winner everytime.

Pulls: C

Here’s where the product suffers its first blow. Last year I pulled my very first Andrew Miller (auto), Andruw Jones G/U, Prince Fielder G/U, and Felix Hernandez G/U, not to mention a bunch of stars on base cards from SPx. This year the very best base cards I pulled were a Johan Santana and Josh Hamilton. I like both players but certainly nothing like last year. Most of the hits this year were of lesser-known players but the Ken Griffey Jr. “HERO” patch added an extra grade to this section.

Overall: B-

Not the worst but certainly not what I expected from last year’s King of Wax Heaven. I still have to admit that nothing comes close, excitement-wise, than opening a box of SPx. It’s the first product I’d recommend to anyone with a lot of cash who has never collected but not to someone who has a limited budget.




  1. You got REALLY lucky with the mystery redemption – that is the only thing that may save this product. In my opinion, this stuff has dropped considerably from last year, especially with the diluted auto checklist.

    I have no idea why UD even tries to release RC based products, its so pointless. Chrome is King, and all I see out of this are second and third year cards from people released in chrome years before.

  2. Obviously, if the redemption is for an Astro, I’m interested. 😉

    Actually, interested in any Astros base you pulled from SPx or Series 2, for that matter. Still working on getting you a shipment ready, including that SPx Hanram AU

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