Wax Heaven needs YOUR help (again)

The Infamous Tatiana has taken the initiative and I have been searching eBay but have not found anything worthy of what I have in mind. Basically, I am looking for all you high-rollers with your fancy autograph collections. Up for trade is a 2007 Upper Deck Derek Jeter autograph. I don’t read Beckett so I have no idea what the book value is but I am guessing it’s at least $100.

What am I looking for? A Greg Maddux autograph, certified of course. Also, it has to be a baseball card and he must be wearing a Braves uniform. During negotiations I need to see a scan as well. If you have a Greg Maddux auto for trade, please contact me by e-mail at Waxheaven@gmail.com.


Mario A.



  1. I know I have some jersey and bat relic cards of Greg but I’m not sure I have an auto. I’m out of town until next week and don’t have access to my collection (except for the unreliable file in my head (the meat file). I hope you don’t close this out befor I get to my more reliable database in my Mac at him.


  2. Cliff, no rush. Just to let you know we are looking at Beckett as well for a trade but nothing has come out of it yet. Thanks.

    Brian, if we told you we’d have to kill you. 🙂

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