Ken Griffey Jr. hits #600!

“The Kid” just hit his 600th career home run off Marlins starting pitcher Mark Hendrickson. It’s funny cause there was a story on how he wasn’t going to give up the 600th. Oh well.

It looks like the Marlins will lose tonight but if there’s anything good about this game it’s that Zack Hample, ball lover…did not catch the Griffey Jr. home run ball. He tried (saw the video) and was near but could not come up with it and walked away cursing. Ah, good to know some things just work themselves out.

Congratulations to Ken Griffey Jr. but something tells me he’d be closing in on 800 if it weren’t for all the injuries.



  1. I agree.

    But for the unfortunate injuries he has suffered, in my judgment, ‘Junior’ would already be mentioned in any discussion as a legit candidate for the mantle of ‘Greatest Baseball Player of All-Time’.

  2. I love Ken Griffey Jr. When I was a kid he and Don Mattingly were my two favorite baseball players. The time my father took me to meet him in person is one of my fondest childhood memories. When we buy a house, and I finally have a place to display all my sports memorabilia, the bat he signed for me that day will be one of the pieces I’m most proud to show off.

  3. What more can I say but congratulation Ken Griffey Jr! To hit 600 Home Runs with out any help (Hint Hint Roids) is just so Great! I think Ken Griffey Jr is one of the last of the throw back kinda a guy! I think he’ll go down as one of the Greatest players to play the game! Image if this guy would have stayed healthie we would be talking about him breaking the all time Home Run Record! Maybe 750 + who knows?
    Ken Griffey Jr. is just a Class Act!!

  4. Your hatred for the guy who loves balls is hilarious. Its great that you even looked for him in the viscinity of the HR, let alone put it in your post.

    I will say, no one loves balls more than that guy. Balls are his life. When he dies, he will be known for one thing… balls.

    /dick joke.

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