Examining the Andrew Miller autographs

10 06 2008

If you haven’t read yet, Florida Marlins ace and our favorite player Andrew Miller went incredibly out of his way to sign Tatiana’s “Andrew Miller Fan Club” poster. I had the camera rolling and you can view it here if you haven’t seen it yet or you are in the mood to hear me squeal like a girl when Andrew starts walking towards us.

For the record, these cards were not part of my collection. They were doubles but will now be added to the rest of the growing Andrew Miller collection which you can see here. The main card not attached to the poster was a base Topps ’52 Rookie Cup Edition. The other cards are taped on to the poster and include a Masterpieces and Turkey Red (got that one during Fan Fest, too!), Fleer & Upper Deck, and finally a 2008 Topps Heritage.




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10 06 2008
Mario A.

Also, these are pictures of the poster with the cards still attached. No ripping them off unless I want Tatiana to kill me!

10 06 2008

Sweeet! He has a very nice signature.

10 06 2008

I know you love the guy, but that’s an ugly signature he’s got there.

10 06 2008
Mario A.

Geo, I love it!
The in-person autos are a little more sloppy than his certified ones.

10 06 2008
Paul/DDoubleplay Sports

Mario do you have a man crush on this guy? lol……

10 06 2008

Did you guys fold that Heritage in half or am I seeing things?

11 06 2008


In the mail today I received a little envelope that I had to sign for since it came certified mail. At first I didn’t know what it was, then I realized that it’s probably the Miller Autograph Redemption I sent in before Christmas. I immediately rip it open and pull it out all excited to see it and I pull out a……………..Josh Sharpless Red Ink Signature Card?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Also enclosed was a piece of paper saying this:

Enclosed, you will find a substitute card for the 2007 Topps 52 Rookie Edition Andrew Miller Autograph Redemption you sent in for. We realize it has been a very long time; however, we were trying to obtain the exact card specified on your original redemption card. Due to circumstances beyond our control, however, we have not been able to obtain the exact card specified. We hope you will enjoy the substitute card we have enclosed. Again, we apologize for the delay and greatly apprecieated your business and continued interest in the Topps’ products.

Sincerely, The Topps Company, Inc.

Completely upset that I didn’t the the Miller auto. May write to Topps about this and also the inclusion of gimmick base cards in their product. I’m a set collector and I hate gimmick cards since you’ll never pull one yourself and will have to pay a ton of $$$$ just to get it.

I’d love to hear what card you receive as a ‘replacement’ to the Miller Auto.

11 06 2008
Mario A.

Tim, that’s too bad. As soon as my redemption arrives, I will do a blog about it. That’s very disappointing that there is no Miller auto. I’d be happy with the redemption card back at least!

11 06 2008

I just noticed that the card I got was a 2006 Red Ink Signature Card, not even an auto from the 2007 product.

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