The Weekend of Baseball is over!

Well, I must say that this weekend has been one of the best of 2008. Not only did we get to see the game on Saturday in the best seats we’ve ever had, we also spent most of Sunday with our Florida Marlins. I say “our” because it’s clear that these guys care about their fans. There was rumors on another person’s blog that Hanley wasn’t the nicest guy in the world but every single game he’s out there signing for the kids (and playing catch with them). Dan Uggla, Andrew Miller, Mike Jacobs, Josh Willingham, Wes Helms—all these guys care. It’s great to be a Marlins fan and while it may be true that there are not a lot of us (where were you guys on Sunday?), I know sooner or later they will come around.

It’s Monday morning and I am back at work in my office looking like a Mexican tomato. My face is burned, my eyes sting, and my feet hurt from running around all over Dolphin Stadium but having this moment yesterday makes up for all of it. Thanks to Mr. Miller for being a great baseball player and an even better person. It’s a great feeling following a baseball player who actually likes his fans.

So I’ve decided since Andrew gave us more autographs in person than we could have ever imagined, I am going to concentrate on getting his cards on eBay. If he comes around ever again the most we will ask for is a photo for the site. I am not one of the greedy ones, trust me.

Also, I have $45 in my Pal Pal account and I will be selling off a few more of my Jose Canseco doubles so expect my Andrew Miller collection to begin growing by leaps and bounds over the next few months. 53 cards currently (not counting the ones he signed on the poster), next up: 100 different cards with 50 autographs!


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