I DO NOT….have a man crush

Man, you go out and support your favorite player every weekend, force your wife into making a sign to get his attention, blog about him every other day, spend hundreds of dollars on eBay buying his baseball cards, and for some reason that equates to having a man crush on Andrew Miller? NEVER! Okay, maybe a little.

C’mon, don’t lie and act like you’ve never had one. I know for a fact that David has one for a guy named Chipper but what about the rest of you? Which athlete or entertainer would you sell out your wife/girlfriend and/or sick grandmother to shoot some hoops with?

Oh, and if anyone hasn’t seen the legendary Seinfeld episode where he goes “ga-ga” over former Mets great, Keith Hernandez, here is a proper definition.



  1. I will totally steal Andrew Miller from you. You may have his baseball card collection… but I have a poster filled with autos! He is totally cool! Back off… he is mine! šŸ˜¦

  2. For me, it was Don Mattingly when I was a kid.

    Today, it would be any of Carl Crawford, B.J. Upton, Scott Kazmir, James Shields, Evan Longoria, Jason Bartlett, David Price, or Tim Beckham.

  3. Gotta go with my all time fav…… George Brett! Nobody that currently plays even comes to mind. I guess I wouldn’t mind kicking the soccer ball around with just about anybody on the U.S. national soccer team!

  4. Brett Favre brings back painful memories of drinking till 5am in Buckhead. I’ll stick to Chipper for my heterosexual platonic love needs, thanks.

  5. I ā¤ me some Kosuke Fukudome.

    And I am a Bears fan, so you can your Brett Favre and stick it.

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