A new “Murderer’s Row” in Miami?

It’s probably impossible to conceive but “your” Florida Marlins, the team with the lowest payroll in baseball has not only been in first place for most of the year but has hit more home runs than any other team in the Major Leagues. Oh, that includes all the franchises with a payroll of $100 million or more. It feels great to be able to say that. Unfortunately, our pitching has been atrocious lately but it’s still early and with two new additions to our pitching staff we can hopefully save ourselves from this downward spiral we were just in versus Atlanta & Philadelphia.

So while we currently sit outside of first, let’s at least enjoy the show these guys put on for the 5,000+ fans that occasionally show up to support the team. Baseball fans, it’s time to make space for Mike Jacobs, Dan Uggla, Jorge Cantu, Hanley Ramirez, and others next to these legendary players. Blasphemy!

Jorge Cantu, the Mexican Babe Ruth?



  1. You guys really can slug. Unfortunately, and Mr. Miller not withstanding, I don’t think your pitching can hold up in the long run.

    The Phillies also suffer from a shaky rotation, but at least have the best bullpen in baseball to back it up.

    As I’ve said before, I’d still rather see you guys succeed than the Mets or Braves.

  2. Im going to a game to punch Cantu in the face when he gets his 20th error at third..i dont care if he hits 30 home runs his errors are killing us.. hes on pace for over 30 ERRORS, just cant have that
    The mexican babe ruth HA HA HA
    More like
    el mexicano manos de acero

  3. Nice to see Cantu finally get back to the level of his good 2005 season. He’s only 26 too, so there could be a lot more homers to come.

  4. Fakehorsemuffins’ comment is interesting. Errors and poor range at 2B were Cantu’s Achilles Heel when he was with the (Devil) Rays. I really liked the guy as a hitter, but the defense was hideous. In my opinion, his long term value will be as either a first baseman or a DH in the AL. I’m glad to see that he’s hitting well again this year, and his OBP is even improved. Looks like he’s finally learned how to draw some walks. Hopefully he’ll keep it up and make a decent career for himself!

  5. I’ll say the marlins are doing their fair share considering the payroll. But it just gives me another reason to hate A-Rod so i’m cool with it

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