2008 Goudey Sports Royalty preview

With a box price significantly lower than 2007 and at just $4.99 per eight-card pack, 2008 Goudey Baseball is a fantastic value in a time of economic uncertainty for collectors. Currently it is scheduled for a mid-July release, right around all the excitement of the 2008 All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium.

Building on the success of last year’s release, Goudey will return with hard-signed autograph cards. Here you can see Dodgers star catcher Russell Martin busy signing autograph cards for the set.

One of the elements collectors really seemed to appreciate in last year’s set was the inclusion of the “Sports Royalty” autograph cards. These cards will be found in pack this year, rather than the box topper packs. We are over-delivering on these cards this year as cases will now yield 2-3 instead of the one “Sports Royalty” card we initially announced.

Other companies have tried similar concepts, but they cannot touch the strong exclusive spokesmen Upper Deck brings to the table in this set. Attached you will find some of the awesome cards available in the set.


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