The Andrew Miller Fan Club – are you in?

8 06 2008

So before the game when Andrew Miller came out Tatiana and I ran to the bottom and watched as he signed for one fan after another. As we were about to walk away he noticed our signs and smiled from cheek to cheek. Unfortunately, he was too far away and the game was about to start. He motioned that he would sign later but I was somewhat doubtful. We have been to many games where after it’s over Andrew waves at the fans calling him but jumps into his vehicle and leaves the stadium.

Would today be any different? Would Andrew Miller remember his two, true fans among a sea of autograph collectors? Well, here’s the video!




16 responses

9 06 2008
NewAndrew Fan

Wow, Just Wow, More guys need to be like him!!

9 06 2008

That is awesome! I’m sure that sign will be a treasured collectible of yours for years! But I wonder why he was wearing a Gators hat when he is a UNC Tar Heel …

9 06 2008

I picked him up on my fantasy team, hopefully he keeps racking up the Ks

9 06 2008

ps that was freaking cool.

9 06 2008

LOVE the sign and the 52 Topps! Great video- thanks for sharing it with us!!!

9 06 2008

That was just plain awesome. What a guy!

9 06 2008
William Noetling

That was GREAT! Don’t you love it when players are awesomely cool like that? Good for Andrew – even though I’m not a Marlins fan, the fact that he’s a great guy will make me watch for his starts now…

9 06 2008
Jason Ballew

Very, very classy act by Andrew Miller. We need more players like him. And more fans like you.

9 06 2008

That was pretty awesome of him!

9 06 2008

What’s with the Gators hat? Did he lose his Tarheel roots that quickly? I like guys like that, real class act signing all those cards for you!

9 06 2008
The Infamous Tatiana

Guys, Andrew Miller is originally from Gainsville, FL. I think that explains the Gator hat. That’s like me with the Cubs. I am a true Marlins fan, but the Cubs are from my hometown, so they have a special place in my heart, too.

9 06 2008

Man, that’s awesome! What a great guy!

9 06 2008

Just so you know, Man crushes are completely acceptable when had on a baseball player. If anyone mentions otherwise, they are not a true fan.

On the other hand, player-stalking may be a little suspect.

Just messing with you, cool vid.

10 06 2008

I was smiling when I watched the video. He didn’t have to do that and he didn’t have to sign that many autos. Thats what made it great, no promoter, no autograph ticket just a player and the fans.

27 01 2009

we do need more guys like him!

3 02 2009

ill be in! i mean i dont know much about him besides hes a lefty, played for the tigers and the marlins, and i have a rookie ud masterpiece of him i think. i think i have a few rookies of him! if not I’ll buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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