Reds vs. Marlins (photos!)

What an incredible game! Lots of home runs but none from Griffey Jr. or Jay Bruce. We bought some seats near Right Field but were upgraded to “first class” by Fake Horse Muffins. Much thanks for the tickets. They were the best seats we have ever had. We will be at Sunday’s game as well so expect more photos tomorrow night.

Stay tuned for more photos from after the game with a few players who were kind enough to make time for the fans. Unfortunately, Griffey Jr. & Bruce were not two of them. Oh, somehow the Marlins pulled off a win thanks to Mr. Cody Ross!

Clearly Ken was the main attraction.

Not a mean guy like I expected!

Hey, remember Joey Votto, last month’s Jay Bruce?

Bruce Almighty?

Sorry, not tonight!

He was nice and waved to Tatiana, though.

Mr. Bad Ass!

My new, favorite Marlin? Almost!

Fake Horse Muffin’s boy…

Mr. Underdog, Jorge Cantu!

Scott Olsen almost ran over some kids after the game (true story)!

Mike Jacobs didn’t look happy to be on the bench!

Florida’s Boy Wonder, Hanley Ramirez!



  1. wow, look at all those pins. that would keep my pin a day posts going forever.

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