Jose Cruz Jr. breaks his silence

The first interview with Jose Cruz Jr. since his release from the Houston Astros has been conducted. In it he says he doesn’t want to retire but will most likely have to. I just hope there is something left inside of him. He’s only 34 years old.

(Source: My Fox Houston)

The Houston Astros released outfielder Jose Cruz, Jr. and replaced him on the roster by calling up outfielder Reggie Abercrombie from Triple-A Round Rock.

Reached on his cell phone after the Astros made the announcement Cruz expressed sincere disappointment but also great pride in getting the opportunity to wear the Astros uniform in his hometown.

“I knew when I was called to the manager’s office and saw General Manager Ed Wade there and other club officials that this was it,” Cruz said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports.

“I came into spring training to try and earn a spot on the roster. It was a long shot but I had great pride when I earned the job.”

Cruz said there were several things that motivated him to get it done with Houston.

“First of all I wanted to play with my father (Astros first base coach Jose Cruz, Sr.),” Cruz said. “Also I wanted to get ten full years in the Major Leagues which I did in May.

“Plus, I wanted the chance to complete the trifecta. I played high school ball at Bellaire and college ball at Rice. Because I played for the Astros I did that and I think that’s great.”

However, Cruz was very worried about his father who starred with the Astros from 1975-1987 and currently works for the team.

“I didn’t want him to have a heart attack because I wasn’t successful,” Cruz said. “I told him now he can relax.”

With the Astros Cruz hit .122 after getting six hits in just 49 at bats. He’s disappointed he didn’t get more playing time.

“I couldn’t do much with the opportunity that I had,” Cruz said. “It was as hard a draw as I have ever had.”

Cruz began his career in Seattle and played for nine different teams in his career. He showed how much class he has by praising the man who replaced him on the roster and the team that released him.

“I know Reggie,” Cruz said. “He has great athletic ability and great talent.

“The team is made up of a bunch of great guys. They can accomplish a lot.”

As for his future, Cruz knows he may have played his last game in the big leagues.

“I am not saying I am retiring, but there’s a good chance of it,” Cruz said. “Maybe this is it for me.”

Cruz was a high school and college star in Houston and he said the fans made him feel like that in the big leagues as well.

“I thank the fans for supporting me,” Cruz said. “The fans made me feel good.

“They made me feel like a star here.”



  1. What an humble and sincere guy! I wish all athletes had such grace when accepting something like this. Jose Cruz, Jr. gets my vote as one of the best “all around athletes” of all time. If for no other reason than this interview…

  2. It might have been different if Houston was in first place…but in fourth, with Towles and Bourn struggling (and Towles down in AAA now), they have to get some more punch in the offense. Good luck to Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz, though.

  3. Cruz sucked so bad for the Giants. He dropped a routine pop up in the playoffs against the Marlins which cost the Giants the playoffs. He will never be good as his Dad. The only reason he lasted this long was because of his name and family ties to his father.

  4. i feel he couldve done better given a long chance. its stories like this that make me happy about russel brayan. he couldve easily gone this route if it wasnt for the mariners giving him a full time chance and letting him play at 1 position. I believe russel not has 16 homers and the longest homrun distance in the league

  5. I think the trade to Toronto early in his then-promising career killed any chance of cruz becoming a star. Toronto just doesn’t know how to develop players.

  6. Thats my uncle! I am very proud of him and what he has done despite people trash talking him. He has looked past the negitive and seen the positive. Way to go we will miss watching you play!

    Your Nephew,

  7. Jose Cruz Jr did NOT suck for the giants!!! He was the best right fielder we’d had in a long time!! Why do people forget how awesome he was at fielding? He won a damn gold glove that year and the guy makes one mistake (yes in a big game), but come on people!!! He is human!!! One mistake and people forget how good he was all that year!! I am a fan forever and I hope he plays again! I would love to see him back in a giants uniform some day!!!

  8. Jose Cruz was awesome for the Giant’s. They would not have made the playoffs without him and It was a mistake to let him go. I am a full season ticket holder who had the pleasue of watching the best defensive right fielder the SF Giants ever had. And I go back to 1958 with my Giants. I watched Jose in over 60 games that year and with that crazy angled brick wall in right, Jose saved at least 24 games with his Gold Glove performance. Against the A’s Tejada hit a rocket liner 12 feet high that Jose climbed the wall and robbed Miguel of not only a hit but in that park extra bases. Tejada got on his knees near 1st and blowed to Jose out of respect! I saw it!

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