Baseball is an ugly sport

Not only do I have to suffer through yet another Marlins loss (8 out of 11 games) but I have to watch as Andrew Miller gets taken out prematurely in the third inning. Sure, it wasn’t his best night but he wasn’t doing terrible, either. Here is my Andrew Miller collection, up to 54 cards now.

Meanwhile, a few states away Jose Cruz Jr. was being released and probably for the last time in his career. Hopefully someone is willing to give Jose another shot. Maybe the Red Sox? I refuse to believe this once “5-tool” player is finished.

In case anyone is wondering…Tatiana and I have tickets for Saturday & Sunday’s games against the Big Red Machine. We’d like to see Griffey hit #600 but we’ll settle for watching an over-hyped Jay Bruce strike out 8 times in two games. Of course, you can expect PLENTY of photos and maybe even a few bootleg videos of Griffey Jr., if he makes history.


  1. Waitttt a second. Maybe I don’t get your humor; but over-hyped Jay Bruce? Griffey’s climb to 600 has been insignificant because he’s not a good ballplayer anymore.

    Jay Bruce won’t just be the best player on the reds as soon as next year, he will be the best player in all of baseball. Future HOF.

  2. Jay Bruce might become the best player in the *National* League, but Evan Longoria is destined to become the best player in all of baseball!

  3. Bruce strike out 8 times? Not going to happen. Bruce will tear up the Marlins pitching like he has been doing since his call-up (minus the small slump he was in against the Phillies). He will be one of the top players in the game for years to come.

    Hope Griffey doesn’t hit it in Florida, since I’d like to see him hit it at home (season ticket holder and longtime Reds fan). He probably will hit it on the road.

    By the way, love the blog. Long time reader, first time poster……

  4. Tim, thanks for the comments. I hope you enjoy the pictures tonight. They will be online 2-3 AM Eastern time.

  5. Thanks for the info, Tim! Didn’t see him tonight but we will be there bright and early tomorrow.

    Also, Tatiana was thrown a ball by former Marlin, Alex Gonzalez.

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