A rare trade with Cardboard Junkie

I don’t do much trading these days since my wax busting has become very limited in 2008 but when I saw Dayf of Cardboard Junkie pull a 2008 Topps Andrew Miller I knew I had to act. I looked through my collection for something worthy and found two base Braves cards from 2008 Topps Co-Signers (Chipper & the fat catcher of theirs). A few days later this showed up in the mail.

You know I had to bust that rack pack of 1989 Topps. It’s got freakin’ Bo Jackson and Jose Canseco on top. How can you go wrong with that? After I went through it all, I have come to the conclusion that it might be the greatest rack pack in the history of the world. Check out the pulls!

Much thanks to Dayf for this awesome trade on a very depressing night of baseball.


  1. Wow! It’s amazing that no one opened that rack pack in 1989 with Bo Jackson and Jose Canseco being on the top! 1989 Topps was an awesome set. I have most of the cards from it, but now I am tempted to look for a rack pack on eBay to open for the fun of it!

    And I cannot wait for 2038 when Topps Heritage with the 1989 design comes out!

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