The Night Sandman Fell To Sleep

6 06 2008

Wow, this video is amazing.

For those 90% of Wax Heaven readers who don’t know who the Sandman is, basically he’s an “extreme” icon who became a legend in E.C.W and created the character ripped off by Vince McMahon and given to Stone Cold Steve Austin in the late 90’s. Unfortunately, today the man is a drunk and is stuck working in run-down gyms doing independent shows all over the U.S for chump change.

Basically, not quite as cool as Sabu but pretty darn close.




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6 06 2008

What’s the deal with these WWE Heritage cards? Do they contain former WWE wrestlers, current wrestlers, both? They have blasters of these at my local Target, so I’m curious. I watched WWE (well, WWF) when I was a kid and again during my college years, but haven’t watched it since about 2002. If the set is comprised of older guys that I remember, maybe I’ll pick up a blaster.

I remember Sandman in ECW and how he used to drink beer on his way to the ring. I used to wonder if it was real beer or not. Since he’s apparently a drunk now, maybe it was real after all. Crazy…

6 06 2008
Mario A.

They have some old school guys and some of the newer “stars”. It’s hard for me to watch today but….

Anyways, I did a mini post on them a while back.

Also, in case you remember the Ultimate Warrior, he’s making a comeback.

6 06 2008

Always a shame to see Sandman or anyone else end their career on a downturn. Hopefully, something will crack for him.

6 06 2008

Sandman is awesome!
And so is Sabu. I actually named my dog Sabu.

6 06 2008

Wait a minute. Jim Fullington isn’t some broken down drunk. He still works on the independent circuit and he doesn’t drink nearly as much as he used to. He’s still an awesome performer.

6 06 2008
Chris Harris

E-C-DUB!!! E-C-DUB!!! E-C-DUB!!!

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