The Night Sandman Fell To Sleep

Wow, this video is amazing.

For those 90% of Wax Heaven readers who don’t know who the Sandman is, basically he’s an “extreme” icon who became a legend in E.C.W and created the character ripped off by Vince McMahon and given to Stone Cold Steve Austin in the late 90’s. Unfortunately, today the man is a drunk and is stuck working in run-down gyms doing independent shows all over the U.S for chump change.

Basically, not quite as cool as Sabu but pretty darn close.



  1. What’s the deal with these WWE Heritage cards? Do they contain former WWE wrestlers, current wrestlers, both? They have blasters of these at my local Target, so I’m curious. I watched WWE (well, WWF) when I was a kid and again during my college years, but haven’t watched it since about 2002. If the set is comprised of older guys that I remember, maybe I’ll pick up a blaster.

    I remember Sandman in ECW and how he used to drink beer on his way to the ring. I used to wonder if it was real beer or not. Since he’s apparently a drunk now, maybe it was real after all. Crazy…

  2. Wait a minute. Jim Fullington isn’t some broken down drunk. He still works on the independent circuit and he doesn’t drink nearly as much as he used to. He’s still an awesome performer.

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