Note to self: Don’t mess with Coco

…and to think, I thought pulling his auto in my overpriced box of 2007 Goudey was a bad thing.

Two days ago on ESPN’s televised game of the Red Sox vs. Rays, Coco Crisp slid hard into (insert player here). For the rest of the night, the two ESPN announcers spent an hour crying (more like bitching) about Coco’s dirty move and implying in so many words that Coco was going to be “wearing a baseball” the next day. Of course, they were right about that one.

The thing is, I don’t think anyone expected to see the beat down that took place at Fenway Park tonight. In my eyes, Coco earned his stripes tonight. I hope when Bud starts handing out suspensions they also go after the pitcher who threw at him and maybe even his pitching coach/manager. If you saw the game on Wednesday, the manager pretty much guaranteed this would happen and on camera!

As far as Coco, he’s probably going to survive all this. After all, he’s a lifetime .328 hitter in 7 seasons in baseball. He is one bad…… Thanks for the entertainment!



  1. Sheilds is still wearing his glove?!?

    Come on, James, that should be the first thing you ditch when charged, no wonder you missed him.

    I sure wish I got to watch baseball tonight…

  2. Shitty attempt at a right hook yes…but what did he expect? It was kind of a shitty move on Coco’s part the night before and he AND Frankona should have known it was coming. I’ll give props to the pitcher for sticking up for his team and 2nd baseman, just like managers stick up for their players. I’ll also give props to Coco for being a scrapper. If it was the Marlins in the Rays shoes would you be singing a different tune?

    Also…Torrealba showed Matt Kemp what was up in tonight’s game. Go ROX.

  3. Coco Crisp is a borderline criminal. First he intentionally tries to injure Akinori Iwamura, a move which pretty much guarantees that the Rays will seek some sort of revenge against him. To no one’s surprise, Shields hits him today, harmlessly in the hip area. It’s not like he threw at his head or did anything dangerous. So then the classless Crisp charges the mound to attack Shields.

    Granted, Shields swung his fist first and he deserves a suspension, as do Gomes and Crawford. But this all could have been avoided if Crisp had just walked to first base like a man and accepted the retribution that everyone knew was coming his way today. I strongly dislike the Red Sox, but most of their players seem like good guys and play the game respectfully. Crisp is unworthy of wearing their uniform, and judging from his recent actions, doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform of any major league team.

  4. Also, I’m not gonna defend a guy who obviously tried to slide, spikes up, elbows out, into a guys knees who wasn’t even in the baseline, no matter what team he’s on. Maybe he was sad hockey season was over?

    Anyone know why Ramirez and Youkilis had to be separated from each other in the dugout?


  5. Manny should have punched Crisp! If he wanted to do something to hurt Youkilis, he should have shaved off his ugly goatee!

  6. I once worked with the wife of a former MLB manager (now a coach). Crisp came up once on conversation and her reaction was one of pure disgust. The people inside baseball say this guy is radioactive to any team he plays for.

  7. For some reason, Coco Crisp is Manny Ramirez against the twins. He is so awful with that little hand thing he does with his grip that just annoys me to no end. When I heard he was possibly involved in the Santana trade, I had to run to the bathroom to vomit.

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