Burn eBay user “dashoulss” alive

This is without a doubt the worst thing I have ever seen on eBay. If the sale actually goes through, I hope the police come get this man for the scam he just pulled. What’s even worse is that the auction clearly states you are bidding on a picture of the card and still over 20 bids and a final selling price of $1,025.

You would think if you were spending over a grand on a football card that you’d at least read the details to see where it’s coming from and how it’s being delivered. I once didn’t read the details on a Jose Canseco game-used and missed the fact that the user didn’t accept Pay Pal. This is only about 10,000 times worse.



  1. Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen an auction like that. Someone else did the same thing with PS3’s when they first came out. Some dopes were actually bidding on the pictures too.

  2. This is what kills the Hobby! It’s shit like this that makes it even harder to sell anything on ebay! And to think if you buy this card( thats if you didn’t read the fine print,good looking out Mario) when you didn’t get the card pictured.To make matters worst because ebay changed there rules about feedback.Meaning you couldn’t even leave this guy negitive feedback! Only the seller could leave that kind of feedback! Being that said you would be out alot of money and real pissed off!!!
    P.S. Before I go maybe the buyers on this auction are one up on us, maybe they (the buyers) have read the fine print and want to burn this jerk-off for the list fee? Have a Great Weekend!

  3. People utterly and truly make me sick. If the police don’t go after this man, I’ll show up on his door step myself with a machete. >:'(
    You’d be surprised how much information I can find with a simple ebay log in. đŸ˜‰

  4. He does have a 7 day return policy. I’m sure the incredible f-tard who bought this will realize how stupid he is when he gets it in the mail. If enough people report the item, he will be banned anyway.

  5. I have to agree with the statements here, though I did chuckle at first. I think we all need to band togeather and find this idiot then post the pictures of what we do to him on ebay to sell as a warning!!! I remember people buyin x-box boxes along the same scam lines!!

  6. Total scam. Looks like he cut bait and is going to try to get the highest bidding sucker to paypal him so he can run. What a jerk.

    Hey, Paul, you got the feedback thing backwards. Sellers can’t leave negatives anymore but buyers can, and probably will in this case. The seller is a scam artist with only 11 feedback though so he’ll likely never be seen on eBay again.

  7. Good. More stupid people need to lose their money before they’ll learn how to use their damn brains. Maybe if enough people get suckered, their won’t be sellers like this or, god willing, they won’t make cards like this any more. Maybe then this hobby will have some hope of surviving well into the future.

  8. Thanx Mario. I like when you advise us of crazy eBay stuff.
    The Infamous One with a machete! Dude, should be afraid…very afraid.

  9. you know what, you are right about the Paypal thing. I bought a set 1999 Topps Chrome update, it was 2 bucks, 8 with shipping. I thought what a great deal, so I went to pay and the guy said, he loses money by using paypal so he only accepts checks and money orders. So I decided on getting a money order, I go over there and you need cash for that, which I only had my check card. So in the end I wrote him a check 7 days after the auction and I’m sure I wont get the set for weeks.

  10. ebay won’t stop this sale or any of the other thousands like it. Ebay makes their money out of the scams, regardless.


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