Upper Deck Dual-Historical-Cut Cards Ship This Week

The mystery is revealed as the sought-after cards make their way into the market

North Las Vegas, NV (June 4, 2008 ) – Earlier this year, Upper Deck announced the Mystery Dual Cuts exchange program that had everyone in the hobby talking. Twenty-three of these cards were inserted into random packs of 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball, 2007 Upper Deck Black Baseball and 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Signatures Baseball. Those lucky enough to find these cards were rewarded, but also left with a tough decision.

You see, 23 Dual-Historical-Cut cards of some of the most famous personalities in history were up for grabs and were only available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Winners made their decisions from an amazing list that included tandems like P.T. Barnum and Charles Stratton (Tom Thumb); Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant; and even King George V and Queen Elizabeth I. Those who registered cards first, had the best chances of owning the most desirable cards.

“These are some of the most unique cards Upper Deck has ever produced,” said Joe Fallon, director of Product Development for Upper Deck. “The winners have all taken time to make thoughtful decisions on which cards to select. We know they will be excited to receive their cards, but now they face another tough decision. Will they keep their card or sell it?”

All of the cards were recently completed and are now available for shipping. Each card is numbered “1-of-1” and the first winners will receive their cards this week. Twelve Mystery Dual Cut cards remain unclaimed.

“The three products with these exchange cards inside them are still available in the market,” said Chris Carlin, Hobby Marketing manager for Upper Deck. “It will be exciting to see who registers the cards over the next several months. The cards are ready. Now the only questions that remain are who will redeem them and which card will they choose?”

Below are a few of the many still available and ready to be claimed.



  1. Those are incredible. There’s not one of those I wouldn’t wan’t ten times more than any hot rookie out there.

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