The Marlins draft….another catcher?!?

The Florida Marlins have chosen Kyle Skipworth as the 6th overall pick in the 2008 Major League Draft. He is just 18 years old but already you can find plenty of his baseball cards on eBay. Considering our franchise’s history with catchers, I am not going to get my hopes up….yet.

Nevertheless, this time around I am going to be first in line for his Bowman Chrome autograph. No way I miss out and watch as the possible next Mike Piazza slips away from my collection. You may find Kyle’s autograph in 2008 Upper Deck series 2 but also in the 2008 U.D USA set.



  1. That’s ok….we (KC Royals) drafted another 1st baseman!! Still trying to replace George Brett and Mike Sweeney!!!!

  2. Good pick. You can NEVER have too many catching prospects. Never ever ever. The position is so fragile that even if you have a star at catcher it’s good to have someone who can step in right away if he gets hurt. Plus if you hit gold like the Braves and develop a McCann and Saltalamaccia at the same time, you can trade one for a good player. My Braves have drafted nothing but pitchers and catchers so far today and I’m happy.

    And what about the Braves/Marlins game?? How many lead changes can there be?? What a nutty game.

  3. My Chris Coghlan collection just finished up!! Kyle it your turn, welcome to my Marlins box!!!

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