New layout!

I was sick and tired of the plain, old layout so I changed things around a bit. I also added the calendar widget which lets you keep track of posts by day. Just click a date and it will show what blogs were written on that day. Also, there is a search feature just below it so if you are looking for any posts on your favorite player you might have missed, give it a shot!

If you want to leave comments, just click on the title of the blog you are reading and scroll down to the bottom. You don’t have to use a real e-mail, just fill out a screen name and include a fake e-mail address if you like.

I will also be uploading Upper Deck press releases before anyone else for the time being. Trust me, I have not sold out. I am just doing my part to spread news as quickly as possible. There will still be lots of commentary and plenty of unbiased reporting. I am just spreading my wings into more than just commentary.

Thanks to all who left kind words in the ‘Baseball Cards & Recession’ post. I have set my sights on busting old wax for the next couple of months until I get my finances settled. People keep telling me I am a fool for not placing ads all over the blog but that is one thing I will never do.

Have a wonderful night!

-Mario A.



  1. This layout definitely has some mojo to it, much like Austin Powers. Now, that is the correct and ONLY acceptable use of that word.

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