Get to work, Andrew!!!

Whoops! Andrew Miller doesn’t actually pitch until tomorrow night against the evil Cincinatti Reds and some guy named Johnny Cueto. Remember him? He was supposedly the second-coming of Pedro Martinez early in the season. Now after we’ve had some time to sit on his overpriced cards, he is 5-4 with a 5-11 ERA. Jay Bruce, you’re next!

Andrew’s year hasn’t been anything near perfect either but he would be 5-4 right now if not for the terrible bullpen blowing one of his games. Hopefully the Marlins fans show up to support the team this weekend home series versus the Reds. I know Tatiana and I will try our very hardest to be there either Saturday evening or Sunday morning (best lighting for photos). I want to get a look at this “Bruce Almighty” in person.

As far as the photo below, it is actually Andrew Miller, believe it or not. It was taken by a fan in 2007. I just wish I knew what the hell he was up to at the time. Is he an elementary substitute teacher during the off-season? Any ideas?



  1. if i had to guess it looks like he might be helping out his old highschool here in Palm Beach Gardens, that damn blue and orange is everywhere around here!!

  2. Well..the Phils have held Bruce to 0 for 8 over the last two days, so we’ve done our part in dispelling the Bruce hype.

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