Get to work, Andrew!!!

5 06 2008

Whoops! Andrew Miller doesn’t actually pitch until tomorrow night against the evil Cincinatti Reds and some guy named Johnny Cueto. Remember him? He was supposedly the second-coming of Pedro Martinez early in the season. Now after we’ve had some time to sit on his overpriced cards, he is 5-4 with a 5-11 ERA. Jay Bruce, you’re next!

Andrew’s year hasn’t been anything near perfect either but he would be 5-4 right now if not for the terrible bullpen blowing one of his games. Hopefully the Marlins fans show up to support the team this weekend home series versus the Reds. I know Tatiana and I will try our very hardest to be there either Saturday evening or Sunday morning (best lighting for photos). I want to get a look at this “Bruce Almighty” in person.

As far as the photo below, it is actually Andrew Miller, believe it or not. It was taken by a fan in 2007. I just wish I knew what the hell he was up to at the time. Is he an elementary substitute teacher during the off-season? Any ideas?




2 responses

5 06 2008

if i had to guess it looks like he might be helping out his old highschool here in Palm Beach Gardens, that damn blue and orange is everywhere around here!!

6 06 2008

Well..the Phils have held Bruce to 0 for 8 over the last two days, so we’ve done our part in dispelling the Bruce hype.

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