Tony Gwynn Jr. may not be anything like his father as a baseball player, but c’mon how could he? You are talking about a lifetime .338 hitter with 3,141 hits, over 1,000 RBI, and yes even 300+ stolen bases (miraculously), not to mention a member of the Hall of Fame.

Junior is now in his third season and is currently a bench player in Milwaukee. In just 20 games and 35 at-bats, he is hitting exactly .200. I don’t know if the saying “living in his father’s shadow” can be used more accurately than this but the least Upper Deck and Topps can do is get his damn name right on the guy’s cards!

Below you will find a 2006 SP Authentic Tony Gwynn Jr. with a Tony Gwynn Sr. autograph sticker. Next to it in the Hall of Shame is a 2008 Topps Series 2 Tony Gwynn Jr. with a Tony Gwynn Sr. facsimile autograph on it. Hey, if it helps the book value why not switch up the stickers, right?