Randy Johnson is not much of an upgrade

I don’t mean to be so negative but for the last twenty years there has not been a single good thing I could say about Randy Johnson. I think the only thing he has ever done to endear himself (aside from the whole 4,000 K’s thing) is scare the hell out of Larry Walker during an all-star game a decade ago. Aside from that one moment, I have always disliked him. Of course, some might say it is the whole “Hispanic” thing but that is bullshit. One of my all-time favorites of any position is Nolan Ryan. The guy was a cowboy all the way but also a true bad ass who would have probably thrown a 95-MPH fastball straight for Jose Canseco’s head if he felt disrespected. Randy? He’s more interested in knocking cameras out of photographer’s hands after joining the New York Yankees.

As far as last night’s achievement, it’s great he passed up the perverted Roger Clemens but it isn’t much of an upgrade and besides, the “Rocket” still has way more victories and a lower career ERA. So, good luck on getting to 5,000 K’s, you have an outside shot but remember, you will always be #2 to the immortal Nolan Ryan.



  1. Totally agree with you on Nolan Ryan. Nolan was my favorite player growing up as a kid. Despite the relatively low Beckett value the 1991 Upper Deck Heroes collection of Nolan Ryan is one of my most charrished collectables. I was blessed to see the Ryan Express pitch in one game, and it happened to be the game where he Cowboyed up on Robin Ventura, it was so awesome.

    As far as Randy Johnson goes, he owes a lot of his success to Nolan Ryan. When Randy Johnson first broke into the league he had absolutely no control at all. It wasn’t until after he talked shop with Nolan Ryan did he understand the importance of command (ironic since Nolan owes the all time walks record as well) and the development of other pitches.

    One last thing, the Larry Walker All-Star at bat was classic with Larry, switching sides and flipping around his batting helmet, but the Kruk at bat, and the exploding bird (both in the pre-Yankee days) top that moment. Don’t mess with the mullett.

  2. Rayn was highly overrated as a pitcher. he was never much better than his team in terms of winning %.

  3. hmmm. let’s see…
    only 32 games over .500 for his career (324-292 .526) in 27 seasons
    avg season 12-11 (okay, 10.8 to be exact, and yes i know he wasn’t on good teams every year)
    2,795 walks
    a workhorse, yes; a good, durable pitcher, yes, but not great in my humble opinion
    there were better pitchers in his era, but without the flashy stats

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