BREAKING NEWS: Marlins will call-up…

The Florida Marlins have optioned Taylor Tankersley to Triple-A Albuquerque and according to MLB’s report will be looking to bring up a position player today.

Of course, this is good news to the 10 people involved in the latest contest. Keep checking the site to see who will be promoted to the Marlins today. My vote goes for the obvious, Dallas McPherson, who has 19 home runs and 42 RBI in 59 games.

Also, make sure to check out Cards in the Attic, the sponsor of this contest.



  1. ohhhh thank god hes gone..good luck with that ERA in the PCL and the isotopes stadium in NM, nothing but hitters in that league and the park is a hitters park! We may never see him in Miami again!!!

  2. NO POSITION PLAYER!!! Bring up another reliever, that Williams guy with the really low ERA.

    Man, I should have done some better research before picking a guy for this one.

  3. OMG i just saw they might bring up Jason Wood. Woody is a nice story and all but come on do we need a lesser Wes Helms on the bench. Dallas might not be a huge upgrade with the def at 3rd but he can jump in that lineup and start banging with uggs and jake and dare i say Cody Ross!!

    and if they do call up woody no one wins the contest cause no one thought they would call up a 38 y/o utility infielder!!

  4. ahhh we are all idiots why didnt one of us see why a MLB team would need 3 bad catchers on the roster.. Idiots ALL OF US!!!!!! or say goodbye to rabelo after the game tonight and hello to Dallas in the morning!! God wernt the Marlins fun to follow like a week ago???!!??

  5. I’m at least happy they got rid of “The Tank”. They finally made a good call! I do think they should’ve brought up another relief pitcher. Our boys are dying out there because of the bull pen!

    Ah well, I am reminded yet again that I am not the Marlins manager. >:'(

  6. Ahhh, this is more fun than I had expected it would be! Of course now that the Isotopes are short a catcher, maybe they will send Brad Davis up from Carolina.

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