Originally, I had zero interest in this product and didn’t even bother doing a product preview but after seeing a few cards on eBay I can’t deny that my interest has been sparked just a little. More than anything else it’s one of their autograph insert set that’s got me looking at making a bid here and there, if the old lady approves of course.

For example, check out the card below of pitcher Jacob Thompson. Now, I don’t do much High School stalking so I don’t know squat about prospects these days but that awesome inscription alone almost guarantees I am going to have to make a bid to win the card.

After doing some research, I have discovered he’s a 6 foot 6 inch future pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. Heck, if you like these cards check out the rest that have surfaced on eBay. This current one is sitting at under $12 with a day left.