Who wants an Andrew Miller autograph?

The Florida Marlins have begun a campaign called “Autographs for Kids” and its center attraction is Wax Heaven favorite, Andrew Miller. Basically, you send out a baseball card and/or a photo and for a donation you can get Andrew to sign it for you. The donations are as follow: $10 for a baseball card, $20 for a photograph, and $10 extra if you want an inscription.

100% of the profits go to the Florida Marlins Community Foundation which go to grants for arts and baseball/softball initiatives. Want to get involved? CLICK HERE!

P.S – Photo courtesy of me. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Who wants an Andrew Miller autograph?

  1. That’s a nice idea to let fans get autographs and contribute to a good cause. I’ve got a couple of set cards that I’ll be sending in with a donation.

  2. I wish more players would spend the time to do this. Miller is setting a great example. Imagine the money some of these guys could generate for charity.

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