Can one player ruin a dual autograph card?

I don’t preach about it as much these days but to me the all-time home run king is still Henry Aaron and the single-season home run record belongs to Roger Maris. The Steroid-era in baseball killed a lot of my enthusiasm but ultimately, I learned to accept it and move on. Thankfully, both Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, legends in their game cannot get a team to sign them to save their life. The game is much better without them.

That being said, check out this dual autograph Donruss Elite card from way back in 1998. It features the all-time home run king Hank Aaron on one side, and the underachieving Jose Cruz Jr. and his sloppy autograph on another. Now, I don’t know how much Aaron autographs go for but this one is stuck at $86 with just a day left. If my car wasn’t in the mechanic right now, I’d sacrifice to make a bid on it. Not only am I a Jose Cruz Jr. fan, I love everything about Hank Aaron, including the fact he didn’t want to attend Barry Bonds’ games towards his march at 756.

The card below is numbered to #1500 but only the first 100 are signed. So here’s my question: Would having someone like Jose Cruz Jr. on the card keep you from buying it? I know I always ignore dual autographs of Andrew Miller because they usually have him on the card with Kei Igawa, Justin Verlander, or Cole Hamels.

10 thoughts on “Can one player ruin a dual autograph card?

  1. If I really wanted an Aaron auto, I’m passing on it because of Cruz Jr.

    On a side note, thought you might find this funny (or sad):
    Stat of the month: If you combine the Marlins and Rays home crowds, they’d still only be 14th in the majors in attendance.

  2. I wrote a post on duals and my disgust with some of the choices. Personally I only want a dual if both players increase the collection value of the card. If one lowers it, IE some of the duals I posted, it shouldnt be produced. Sweet Spot was public enemy number one on this. It seems with a lot of UD products, they do duals just because they dont have the creativity to produce more/better subsets.

    In other words, the card you have above is an abortion and the quintessential example of this trend…ugh.

  3. I guess i’m part of the minority that likes the duals. For instance…Frank Thomas/Randy Johnson dual I just picked up. Now I have a Randy Johnson auto as a bonus to my Thomas auto. If its 2 players that I like, then i’m all for it. Not too concerned w/ value as its likely to stay in my collection for some time.

  4. Joe, that is pretty depressing. Their loss I say. I’ll hopefully be at Saturday or Sunday’s game to see the mighty Jay Bruce.

    As far as this card, no way Cruz ruins it because you can just display the Aaron auto and ignore Jose if you choose to.

  5. I’m not a big fan of dual autos in general, but if you don’t like Jose Cruz, there’s no need to look at him. The Aaron side displays just fine. πŸ™‚

  6. For a Hank Aaron auto? I’d slap my momma, vote for Clinton and give up a pinky toe. I don’t care who scribbled on the other side.

    I wonder how many of the dud dual autos (like Jeter and Tyler Clippard above) will have the ‘good’ autograph harvested for a cut auto card in the future?

  7. At least they didn’t put Cruz on the front of the card. It would’ve been funny in a WrestleCrap so stupid it’s funny kinda way though.

  8. I think the reason Cruz was placed on this card is because of the huge expectations many had for him.

    Less than 24 hours….same price. πŸ™‚

  9. I almost tried to get the Aaron/Cruz auto at the last minute but I’m going on vacation soon and already have 2 of them. This one did end up at $154.00 and another ended a few days earlier at $200.00 with a Buy-It-Now. Strange, you don’t see one of these on ebay for over a year, then in one week two show up.

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