Stalking Andrew Miller?

I have heard stories about fans and autograph hounds stalking ball players at hotels and airports but never once have considered doing so myself. For one, I am not a fan of the autograph unless it comes from a pack and authenticated or it has sentimental value to me. Besides, being the owner of a baseball card blog, it’s more beneficial to get a photo of the player with Tatiana for the experience it creates and to tell a story the readers of the site will enjoy. That way, I don’t get accused of exploiting the player and selling the autograph on eBay. Besides, there is much less chance to get turned down that way. We have photographed with almost twenty players now and only one has refused Tatiana (Wally Joyner), so it works out well.

While doing my usual eBay Andrew Miller hunt I ran across this auction. It’s a signed ball from Andrew taken from what appears to be outside a hotel or airport. I have no qualms with the price of $10.00 but the fact that Andrew didn’t have to sign but chose to do so on his own and even in the “sweet spot” and this “fan” rushed home to make some cash on it makes me a little sad in some strange way. I am almost 100% positive Andrew reads Wax Heaven so what’s to say that he doesn’t check out eBay once in a while? To me, this is one less autograph Andrew will sign for his true fans in person from this point on.

So am I overreacting? Of course I cannot expect that there will be a day only true fans and collectors ask for autographs but isn’t this kind of low? Maybe I am just taking it too personal since it has happened to my favorite player. Whatever the case, Andrew is turning out to be a great Florida Marlin and would now be 5-4 if it weren’t for Doug Waechter blowing the game against Philadelphia over the weekend. I think there is a chance Andrew can pick up 12-15 wins this season. Not bad for a guy almost everyone lost faith in a month and a half ago.



  1. Gay enough that he is selling it. What makes it even worse is that it’s an “Official League Ball”. I hope he doesn’t even get an opening bid.

  2. I dont know why this is a suprise to everyone. People live at the Downtown Hilton and Other nice hotels during game nights just to make sure that they are in prime real estate to get autos. Players know exactly what is going to happen.

    Now, I have met COUNTLESS numbers of players and I have never sold any of my IP autos on eBay. But, that doesnt say that other people wouldnt even hesitate. These days, players wont sign on the sweet spot because they know it will be more enticing to sell. The nice ones still do. I always only ask for 1 auto when I see someone and ask for a personal inscription so they know I wont try to sell it. Usually that gets the point across.

  3. If I were famous, I’d sign everything. That way my signature would be pretty much worthless.

  4. It would be funny if it sold for $10 – less than the price of the actual ball!

    I know that I wouldn’t buy an autographed ball from some random person on eBay. I’d either get the autograph myself and keep it, or get an official Topps or Upper Deck insert autographed card of the player.

  5. that ball cost that guy like 2 bucks.. the auto will fade to nothing in a year or two!! And whats up with the old guy rockin the stylin sawx hat backwards!!

  6. Having NEVER received an in-person auto I can’t honestly say what I would do with it. For me I would want a Lofton or Manny in-person auto more than any other. But, I would settle for a Coco Crisp if I had to.

    I may never in my entire life have the opportunity to get an auto from either guy. Does that make me wrong for buying one on eBay? What if the seller feels the same way about Manny that I do about Coco? I don’t know. I’m a little bit torn by the whole scenario, I guess…

  7. OK … when I saw someone post that it was an “official league ball” I assumed that it was an official MLB ball. Now that I look at the auction, I see that it is not, which makes it less of a desirable collectible.

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