Hello guys, two big things happen this Monday. First, Kris from Cards in the Attic has sponsored a contest giveaway. I won’t give out any clues just yet but know that only the first 10 people who comment will be allowed to play so check Wax Heaven mornin’, day, and night to see when the contest goes live. Make sure to check out Kris’ blog this weekend. It’s one of the most unique around and a must-see if you collect in-person autographs.

The second big happening is the one-year anniversary of my return to the hobby. I’ve written a big post originally intended for Beckett Media but have decided to make it a Wax Heaven exclusive coming Monday at 12 PM Eastern time. Now that I mentioned it, make sure to read my latest article at Beckett.com. It’s also my third in a row that has made the cut. The fourth one will go live by the end of next week. I still have to write it. 😉

The Pat Burrell lot went out a little late, as did a big trade I made in the middle of the week so be a little patient with me. Once again my Mustang killed my plans as the starter gave out on me 30+ miles away from home. The big trade I made involved two parties, three superstar autographs I gave up, and 300+ Jose Cruz Jr. cards I am receiving. You guys already know I am an idiot. You will get the details when everything is completed.

Finally, it’s the end of the month which means I have to go through 121 posts for the month of May and pick the seven best for The Best of Wax Heaven. It’s my least favorite task to complete at Wax Heaven but someone has to do it. Also, the Sports Cards Blog Directory is working again. They were having a few technical difficulties that have since been repaired. We are now up to 106 blogs! Read & bookmark all of them!

Peace out,

Mario Alejandro