Kimbo’s big night

Well, it’s taken almost 5 years of Internet hype but it’s finally here. Tonight, on CBS of all places Kimbo Slice will make his prime time debut. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, been surfing the web on America Online 4.0, and using Internet Explorer to visit Wax Heaven, you probably already know everything you need to know about Kimbo.

You know, the usual stuff here; Miami-born street fighting legend who needed to make some cash fresh out of jail and took to challenging other pretty scary people. His first fight became a classic in 2004 and there’s been plenty of others since. Just don’t ask him about his fight with police officer/street fighter Sean Gannon, though. He doesn’t like to talk about his only loss, especially since it came to a “white boy”.

Since taking the legitimate route, he’s been put in with one bum after another. His first win came against Ray Mercer, a boxer who’s last big fight was in 1991. Kimbo made him look like his grandpa. He moved on to Bo Cantrel and UFC legend Tank Abbot and Kimbo walked through their punches while knocking them both out in the most brutal & violent ways possible. Tonight should be no different. Kimbo has been matched against James Thompson, a man who has lost 6 of his last 8 fights.

It’s clear what we have on our hands. Kimbo is a poor man’s Mike Tyson just waiting to be exposed. He’s fighting nothing but tomato cans until he can get his big pay day. I for one hope he gets it. There is nothing wrong with earning a living. Just don’t expect me to fall for this “coming out” party for Mixed Martial Arts. Some of us are all to familiar with what’s going on. I just hope it doesn’t take too much time away from my baseball game.



  1. Nice night of fights all in all..They won me over!! Kimbo is huge here in south FL that being said im not sure we can talk about him as an unstopable force going forward, he had that guy lined up for a KO 2 or 3 times but couldnt pull the trigger even after making the guys ear blow up he still couldnt lay him out! I love me some Kimbo but im worried that the zero in his record isnt going to last to long as the fights get tougher. Kimbo summed it all up when he told Gus Johnson “got a lot of work to do”

  2. Fight was called in the 3rd round for no good reason. That along with a fight that ended in a no-contest, a horrible night for CBS. Fans were chanting “fixed”, “fixed” and CBS had to drown out the crowd noise.

  3. Kimbo Slice is a Joke! He will get knocked the Fuck Out or Choked out by any real MMA Fighter in the UFC! Kimbo was Exposed last night,Big Time by a nobody James Colossus Thompson! Are you kidding me? Ok yea Kimbo fought a washed up Ray Mercer and Out of Shape Tank Abbout! Wow two guys strapped for money!
    Some blogs,there was even talk that the great Kimbo Slice tapped out when he was getting his Ass handed to him by Thompson on the ground..
    Guys like Randy Couture,Quinton Jackson,
    Andrei Arlovski,Frank Mir,Chuck Leddell,Tito Ortiz,Forrest Griffen etc would make real short work of this guy! Ray Couture being 40 something would ground and pound him this puke!
    CBS is going to have a Real Hard Time tryin to promote this back yard brawler! Fuck this Guy!

  4. I am guessing there is a pretty well laid out plan on defeating Kimbo but judging from last night, unless you weigh 250 or more…I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    This guy took Kimbo down 5-6 times and each time except for once he kept reversing it and that’s with Kimbo being 20+ lbs lighter than his opponent. I don’t know if anyone saw the Brock Lesnar MMA fight but the second he went down, he tapped out almost immediately.

    I think a Kimbo vs. Lesnar fight would be the big pay day. Kimbo’s been exposed but I don’t think he tapped out. In the first round while he was getting choked out Kimbo put his hand up and gave a thumbs up to the ref letting him know he was okay. During the second round when Kimbo was almost unconcious from being hit he did the exact same thing but the camera was cutting it off. He didn’t tap out, he got very lucky the round ended, though.

    It was a surprisingly exciting fight!

  5. I was all jacked up ready to watch it Sunday morning…and the show must of ran long, because my Tivo got 2 hours, and didn’t get me any Kimbo. I thought it was a edited show, didn’t realize it was live

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