Someone get Harold Martinez a new Sharpie

30 05 2008

I don’t think anyone is expecting baseball players to draw rainbows and butterflies around your signature but this is a little ridiculous. You may be on a guaranteed path to the “show” and will probably be a future superstar someday but you could do a little better than that, I hope.

While the world of prospecting is full of creepy old men stalking high school & middle school ball players, all of these cards won’t end up in their hairy, sweat-filled hands. Some of these autographs will ultimately find their way into the collections of your future fans. Do you really want to short-change them like that?

If you need a little help with your signature, give Brian Bannister a call.




4 responses

30 05 2008

I may start a Brian Bannister collection just because of his Signature. That’s impeccably consistent

30 05 2008

You’d think a baseball player would NOT want tininess to be his hallmark.

22 06 2008

Thats not his real sig. he must have got teird or something

22 10 2008

you people are retards dont you notice that your making fun of someone using a blue sharpie and writing tiny

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