My new, favorite Andrew Miller card!

As far as 2008 goes, it’s been tough on Andrew Miller collectors. Yeah, Upper Deck and Heritage each put Miller in their brand but it was nothing even close to memorable. Meanwhile, the company that has arguably the best Andrew Miller rookie, Topps Finest, left Miller off their checklist in 2008. SPx has been out a couple of weeks and still no sign of Miller and Spectrum has been out for months with no Miller sightings either.

Who knew it’d be so hard to collect Andrew Miller in 2008? Oh well, the dry spell is over thanks to David of Cardboard Junkie who pulled this out of Topps Series 2, a product I didn’t even go near for Series 1. This saves me a lot of time and trouble on having to bust packs or search eBay. Now all I have to do is start looking for shinny Braves cards to begin trade negotiations.

P.S – Check out the horrible bio on the back of the card. I guess the guy who usually writes them up was sick that day.



  1. This is definitely one product I will not be wasting my money on this year. I learned my lesson with series 1 and all of the useless autos and game used I still have sitting around in my commons box. Judging from what I’ve seen on eBay so far, the series 2 checklist is even worse.

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