Garbage Pail Kids Weekend

I was never lucky enough to own any Garbage Pail Kids as a child. I don’t know how I missed that 80’s boat, considering I had hundreds of Transformers and my walls were plastered with Def Leppard posters. Nevertheless, one day when I was 11 years old, my cousin and I were walking through a forest near our home and stumbled upon a tent where a homeless man was living. He was passed out drunk (or perhaps dead) and in his tent there were three particular items which made no sense at all. First, he had a huge stack of Penthouse magazines. He probably had about 20 of them. Next to the rags he had about 100 Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. Next to the trading cards he had, no joke, a box full of small, chocolate cakes.

I don’t remember the exact moment in my life I knew I was a demon child but looking back today, I think it was the moment I grabbed the stack of Garbage Pail Kids and ran for my life. Yes, I once stole a stack of Garbage Pail Kids from a homeless man, so shoot me. Anyways, I treasured those cards for many months and always look back fondly at those memories. About a decade ago I was at a Flea Market and a man had an entire mint condition set Garbage Pail Kids series 1, 2, & 3 in a beautiful binder and in perfect condition. He wanted $60 but I only had $20. By the time I came back to his spot after running to the ATM, he had vanished. I had missed out on an awesome opportunity because if you go on eBay, you will see just how valuable these cards are today.

Well, as a tribute to my brush with death or something much worse (what homeless man keeps Porn & Garbage Pail Kids in his tent, anyways?), I decided to make it a Garbage Pail Kids weekend at Wax Heaven. Wayne, from Wayne’s Garbage Pail Kids References and a life-long collector is going to take us through his Top Ten all-time favorite Garbage Pail Kids cards. So in the meantime, make sure to check out his site, which puts Topps’ official one to shame.

Link: Garbage Pail Kids Reference

6 thoughts on “Garbage Pail Kids Weekend

  1. So between the Penthouse magazines and the Garbage Pail Kids, you chose the Garbage Pail Kids?

  2. Well, considering he was 11 and not 14, it’s not that big of a deal, Dave. Plus a big stack of magazines is much heavier. The Garbage Pail Kids were the much safer option.

  3. I just recently heard about The Garbage Patch Kids and decidied to google the story behind them.

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