Why was this guy sitting on the bench?

Every night when I watch my Marlins play on TV the announcers always refer to Cody Ross as a “slugger”. I always find that a bit strange considering that while he does have a few home runs, he never seems to make it over the “Mendoza Line”. Well, last night he finally lived up to his title and hit 2 home runs, including a monster shot to center. Unfortunately, the Marlins still lost and lead the National League East by just 0.50 games.

After doing some research on Cody Ross I was amazed to find out that despite never hitting more than 13 home runs in one season, he has three, 7-RBI games, and once hit 3 Home Runs in one game. The man can flat out hit the long ball with the best of them but for some reason has only played 100+ games once in five seasons in the bigs.

In 2007 he put up big numbers in 66 games so it’s perplexing why this guy is not playing full-time. I hope after last night’s efforts he is given full-time duty somewhere in the line-up, even if it means he has to buy some catching equipment. We need this kind of bat in our line-up right now. The Phillies and Braves have us against the ropes and guess who our next two series are against?

P.S – Did you know that Cody almost became a professional rodeo clown?



  1. I was watching the Marlins vs. Mets game last night since my Rays had an afternoon game, and I saw Cody Ross hit his two home runs. My first thought was “I’ll bet that Mario blogs about him tomorrow” 🙂

  2. 8 HR in last 10 ab’s? I don’t think anyone EVER has done that…

    He has 6 in last 10 GAMES.

  3. Cody Ross is a classic platoon guy, he murders lefties but can’t hit a lick against right handed pitchers. Put him in against lefty Oliver Perez and wham, two dingers. Cody is capable of playing everyday, but his stats wouldn’t look too great. Since Matt Treanor is decent at catcher, Cody is probably more valuable as the catcher when lefties pitch and as a pinch hitter.

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