Searching for a Fat Boy…

Hip-Hop fans can be some of the most loyal and brutal fans in the world. Back in the mid 80’s the “Disco Three” were about to break out and become stars but were missing something. They had the skills and the look for MTV but the name just didn’t work. In 1984 they went on to release their debut album with a new name, “The Fat Boys” and the rest is as they say, music history.

The Fat Boys were an instant hit, commericially and even critically but like many other artists in the age of video, fell off the face of the Earth after a couple of weak albums, the last one released in 1991. Since then, the star of the group, “The Human Beat Box” passed away from Cardiac Arrest at just 28 years of age and Kool Rock-Ski became a health nut and quit rapping altogether. That left only the face of the group, “Prince Markie Dee” who today works as a DJ for the South Florida station, The Beat 103.5 and hosts parties on Thursdays at one of the hottest clubs in Miami.

My co-worker Art is a frequent guest of this establishment and promised to get me an autograph. You see, not only am I a fan of the sickly-underrated Fat Boys, I even considered creating a website as a tribute to them. So I drove 25 miles home on my lunch break to get my copy of Disorderlies, a great but cheesy 80’s film starring the Fat Boys but could not find the case. Instead, I will print out a color photo and hope Prince Markie Dee signs it for his fan, Mario Alejandro.

Tomorrow I will post the results. Wish me luck! In the meantime, check out one of their best videos!



  1. The last thing I remember the Fat Boys doing was that Beach Boys song…I remember Disorderlies and the fact that Rick Neilsen the guitar player from Cheap Trick was also in that movie. My wife also gets upset with me and the price of gasoline.

  2. The soundtrack (score) for Disorderlies was done by Anne Dudley of Art of Noise fame. Their track “Roller 10” samples The Human Beat Box, and perhaps a little of the other Fat Boys.

    Did you ever get the autograph?

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