It’s time to bring Donruss back…

Wow, look at this monstrosity of a baseball card. I don’t know what the heck Tri Star was thinking but it’s one of the ugliest cards I have seen since this Mickey Mantle made by Topps.

As far as the Gwynn, it’s a 1/1 cut P.O.S Fleer card that was probably obtained in person and sold to Tri Star. There are a bunch of these chopped up disasters on eBay. Check em’ out, but only if you have a strong stomach.

When did baseball cards become 98% all about gimmicks? If it’s not a redemption, it’s 1,001 parallels. Autographs, game-used everything, hair, dinosaur bones, used-up monster truck tires, printing plates, Rip Master and Friends autos, ARGHH!!!!! Please tell me this is all just a dream. Please?

I think I am finished with busting new wax. I am just going to concentrate on Andrew Miller cards and busting old wax like John does on his blog. I’ve had my eye on several 1997 releases for many years now.



  1. i would never open a pack of those cards. i do own a few of the football cards though, because it has some fist autos of players.

  2. I keep telling myself that the original source of these cut signatures must have been partially damaged photos, cards, etc…

    My favorite gimmick… non-glossy Topps Total cards.

  3. The best part? The Gwynn card isnt even in good condition. At least they got the correct Gwynn though (im looking at you UD).

  4. I’ve got a couple of those my self, just for the fun of it! One of mine has the card at at angle so the auto is horizontal. Looks kinda strange but was fun to open

  5. That is a disgusting card, even worse than the Tri Star cards with the autograph and no picture. I wonder if Tri Star can get into legal trouble for putting a Fleer card inside of this card. After all, the Fleer brand is owned by Upper Deck now.

    I’ve been doing some thinking about cards like this, and the Rip Master auto’s, and other cards that everyone complains about. The solution is this. Just don’t buy cards from a product that you don’t like. If nobody buys this stuff, then the manufacturers will change course and produce cards that people like and will buy.

  6. Heh, you call for Donruss to return and then complain about 1,001 parallels… the irony…

    This card I hate. I clicked on the eBay link and saw that they cut up a bunch of Topps Archives cards (at least they BETTER have been Topps Archives!!!) to get signatures for some of the older players. I wish they could just keep the whole thing intact and give away the actual card as a buyback or the document as a redemption. The saddest thing is that the cards aren’t selling all that well either. I can’t believe the hobby has killed cut autos already.

  7. This is the stupidest $H!t I’ve ever seen. Not even sure this comment will make the cut (not sure how language gets moderated at WaxHeaven.) I can’t take it back though. I have officially boycotted Tristar. I will not buy anymore of their product. You can expect a post at Treasure Never Buried proclaiming this. This is just horrible. This is worse than the Canseco Green Card you posted about a few weeks back.

  8. Hi Mario
    I think the same way you do about busting new wax and Trisatr has gone a little over the edge with this. Too many card sets per year along with too many inserts. I think UD and Topps are trying to see who can beat who for the final company for baseball licensing. I remember when the hardest inserts were the star cards like Ripken and Mattingly. Oh crap am I old. Oh and Canseco was a good player but he made a mistake named Steroids so he’s still a good player.

  9. Haha, Frankencards. I’m starting to have a sense of humor about these, though that Mantle one remains unforgivable. I find humor in the fact that this is a Tony Gwynn cut auto. Barring the unthinkable, this man could live for another 50+ years, rendering a cut auto from him pretty much pointless until then.

    On a side note, I picked up one of those no picture autos of Andrew Miller. I am willing to trade it to you for the fairly minimal return of a few random Cubbies, Mario. Consider this a test of your will or something. ;P

    I can’t boycott Tristar because they have the exclusive rights to make TNA wrestling cards, and I intend to pick some up, since most of my all-time favorites are there. I needs me a Booker T, Gail Kim, AJ Styles, and maybe Sting and Samoa Joe auto, even if there is no damn picture to accompany them, or if the Booker or Sting ones are cut from old WCW cards. Come to think of it, the latter might actually be kinda cool for wrestling cards.

  10. Alright then. I’ll see if I can’t scrounge you up anything else while I’m at it.

  11. Following that link, I love that there was a dude trying to sell an empty pack and hoping to get, like, $15 for it.

    If these packs were as expensive as people are making them sound, it would’ve sucked to have gotten half the cards on that search.

  12. TriStar has a shot to be decent, but this is fail. Like Razor fail. A cut signature of a near=meaningless card. It appears that TriStar may be moving down the spiral park slide to meet up with Razor. They don’t make “baseball cards”. They make “context-free clippings with scribbles inside a custom paper frame”.

    What’s next? Integrating rubbings of famous tombstones? Memorabilia swatches of caskets and funeral suits?

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