1987 Topps Max Headroom

Oh man, the things I missed out on as a kid. To be honest, I probably have only seen the famous Max Headroom Coke commercial once in my life and instead always refer to the one in Spaceballs when I think about a stuttering robot/man. Well, back in the 80’s this guy was huge. So huge in fact that he spawned a TV show, video game, and yes, even trading cards produced by our friends at Topps.

Now, after a Fat Boys post followed by a Max Headroom blog you probably think I’ve fallen off the rocker. Not so, my friends. I was simply on Google watching this amazing and infamous video of a crazy man in a Max Headroom mask who hijacked television airwaves for one night and was never caught. It’s actually kind of scary and for those who choose pull it up, it’s a little “NSFW”.



  1. Max Headroom was big and disappeared just as quick. It lasted for a few months, then got old almost overnight. Still brings back good memories.

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