Today’s baseball cards are cool (and creepy)

Wow, Upper Deck works fast.

Just three days after the ’08 Topps Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln DNA card surfaced on the Internet, rival Upper Deck comes back with perhaps the most impressive set of dead guys’ DNA/Autographs ever released. Good luck trying to top this set of cards.

Well, you have a chance to own one of these cards. Before you sell your car or take out a third mortgage on your home you should probably know that these cards are all 1 of 1. There is a total of 10 of them and they will be inserted into 2008 Legendary Cuts and 2008 PIece of History Baseball.

Start revving your credit cards! For more info click HERE.



  1. do you think we can jurassic park these hairs and have them all come back to life and then start terrorizing us once they being to asexually reproduce?

  2. I actually like the idea of these cards but….when you take into consideration the fact that they are all 1/1’s, and the money that will surely be spent trying to acquire one of them, couldn’t UD have worked a little harder on the design of the cards?? You know, maybe make the cut auto fit into the card better. Maybe a little better Washington and Jackson??

  3. They didn’t asexually reproduce on Isla Nublar (the original island) they took on qualities (like certain frogs of western Africa) that made some of them switch genders in a same sex environment…but anyway..

    Dare I ask where they are finding these hairs to put in the cards?

  4. In the article it mentions that many historical figures gave away strands of hairs. I guess that means we will see a lot more of these in the coming months.

  5. What do they do with the non-signature part of the letter (you know, the part which might actually be interesting to read)?

    Maybe these will be like that game-used cards are now… the signature is like the 1/1 multi-colored patches you can only get if you buy those $300 boxes, while you can find cut-ups of the body of the letter in regular packs (like the sinlge-color swatches).

  6. I’m betting most of these come from incidental letters. Pretty soon we’ll see celebrity autos from cancelled check stubs and the like.

    Does anyone else look at the Alexander Hamilton card and think: “AAAAAwin Buuuugggghhhh.”

  7. Hey Will, just check eBay. There are plenty of cut autos that come from cancelled checks. Have been for years 🙂

  8. UD destroys the hobby again. Nice job. But everyone is forgetting one important point. No one will ever pull any of these cards because they will all 10 mysteriously appear in a Beckett Box Break Video.

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