Jay Bruce Facts

After going 3-3 in his debut I’ve decided to comprise a list of 10 facts you may not know about 21-year old Reds phenom Jay Bruce.

1. In 2001 Jay Bruce pulled three Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols redemption cards. He then procedeed to “rip them to shreds” stating he hates the St. Louis Cardinals.

2. Jay Bruce collects Upper Deck Collector’s Choice. If you have a problem with that, he will destroy you.


4. Jay Bruce makes Ken Griffey Jr. cry.

5. Jay Bruce doesn’t just read blogs. He took the initiative in creating the Internet.

6. Jay Bruce’s favorite movie is ‘To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar

8. Jay Bruce doesn’t like the number 7.

9. Every card Jay Bruce touches turns to an X-Fractor.

10. Jay Bruce once sneezed in the direction of Kerry Wood. The next day Wood went on the disabled list.



  1. Hey, what do you know. It’s the next do everything, 5 tool, best to ever play the game prospect. I can’t wait to pay $17,000 for his chrome super auto!!

    Serious question though. If the Pujols auto/rc is a redemption, why do boxes of 2001 Chrome still sell for $400 ??

  2. I heard he also invented elbows. I’ll take Joey Votto on my Fantasy League any day. Bruce is a flash in the pan… Look out Luis Polonia!! There’s a new guy on the block gunning for all your records…

  3. I have to admit I love it when someone list a 2001 Chrome box with PUJOLS RC in the title. It is a shame there are people out there who have no idea his RC was a redemption. Yeah you can still pull the redemption card….and then use it as a bookmark because it expired 7 years ago! lol

  4. if pujols had a 1/1 auto superfractor rc what do you think it would be worth?

  5. The thing I don’t get, is why does Beckett not list it as a redemption/RC. Any other card that falls into this category is listed as such. 😦

  6. Bruce is obviuously related to Chuck Norris!

    He is the first Red to go 3-3 in his first games since Willie Greene. No, I don’t remember him either.

  7. That list was way better than most Chuck Norris facts. The best are right up there with the best of Norris’. Number 3 is too awesome for words. Number 10 makes me cry a little.

    Where does Kerry rank in blown saves and nearly killing Cubs fans with weaker constitutions?

  8. I knew that holding on to Bruce in my fantasy pool would pay off someday… 15th place here I come!!

  9. Best Closers in the NL

    W-L ERA SV SVO Team

    1.Jose Valverde Hou 4-1 4.15 15 18 30-23
    2.Brian Wilson SF 0-1 5.06 15 17 21-31
    3.Brad Lidge Phi 1-0 0.82 12 12 30-24
    4.Brandon Lyon Ari 1-1 1.71 12 14 30-22
    5.Kerry Wood Chc 2-1 3.25 12 16 31-21

    I think this should answer your question lonestarr. Do me a favor and take a look at the last column. Also see if Brian Wilson does anything for you with his save percentage. 🙂

  10. Niiiiiiiccccceee!

    Jay Bruce once met the President. ‘nuf said.

  11. When Jay Bruce runs the bases he really is’nt moving, the world is just revolving beneath his feet.

  12. Jay will buyback any cards of his that lose value.

    Jay Bruce is expected to have such a huge fan base it will get us out of recession.

    Jay hits the ball so hard he uses ones made of steel.

    Next year he plans on playing without a glove.

    I asked Jay for an autograph and he gave me a 55 gallon drum of gasoline. Premium too. And autographed it.

    Then my blind son held the ball…he could see.

    My wife is now carrying his baby and they never met !!!

    Next year there is a buyback program where they will insert 1988 commons into packs that Jay has touched. They are expected to sell for a months salary.

    Jay is so hard…he eats 1987 Topps gum.

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