Contest results & Tatiana Punk’d (Video Blog)

28 05 2008

Thanks to Fake Horse Muffins for the Marlins card and to everyone who participated in the Memorial Day Contest.




7 responses

28 05 2008

I was never mad!!

28 05 2008

Very nice Cubs jersey. You are a lucky man Mario.

She comes to Chicago, goes to a Cubs game, buys a Cubs jersey, and can’t pull the Cubs card. You know the problem? Scott Moore got traded to Baltimore last year 😦 I have a ton of his rookie cards too!!

28 05 2008

No Braves cards!? Thanks for the contest! And the closeup zoom too… 🙂

28 05 2008

I hope you like it LOL!!!!!!!!

28 05 2008
Mario A.

Sorry you didn’t win Charles. We were both rooting for you!

28 05 2008

seems like the camera’s zoom had a mind of its own….haha.

28 05 2008
Brandon Cacek

I like the “Beckett Style”. Congrats to the winner, and to Wax Heaven for a great contest.

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