What kind of geek are you?

For those of you out of the loop, I spent my entire 4-day Memorial Day Weekend organizing baseball cards and blogging. I think that officially makes me the biggest geek among all Sports Cards Bloggers. So, are you a geek? If so, check out this chart and post the results.

I am a Nintendo, Portable, Sports, Photos, Transformers, & Collectable Geek! It used to be a lot worse, though. Tatiana put an end to many of my geek qualities when we met.



  1. It took me a minute to go over the list, but this is all of them I think. Nintendo, portable, Potter, sports, food, rock, film, travel, gadget, book, electronics, Transformers, collectible, history, and TV. With varying degrees of intensity depending on the time of year.

    Holy crap!! It looks kinda bad when you really take a minute to scrutinize it all 🙂

  2. Not as bad as I thought…

    Bargain bin, Nintendo, Sports, Travel, Electronics, Transformers, Collectable Geek

  3. Count me as a comics and collectible geek. Other than my card collection, my Spider-man collection has gotten way too big. Right 6 foot tall stuffed Spidey?

    *Looks to 6 foot tall stuffed spidey*

    He says right.

  4. Super – bargain bin – Jedi – Indy – Potter – sports – comics – photo – rock – film – book – KISS – Transformers – collectable – t.v. – geek geek. And if I may add one more to the list, horror geek. Although I’m not as geeky about some of the stuff as I am about others, there is a fraction of geekiness from every category I listed. And yes, KISS should be all caps.

  5. I could be accused of being most of those at some point in my life. Right now, it’s probably a combo of rock, film, electronics and collectibles geek. This past weekend, I found my Indy geek too. 🙂

  6. In order from most to least, though it can greatly vary on any given day: Sports, Collectibles, Anime, Nintendo, Webcomics, Comics, Bargain Bin, Star Trek, and Fantasy Football. Does all that make me a Geek Geek too?

    At one time I was also a book and (mild) CCG geek.

    Pro Wrestling Geek and Stat Geek are sadly missing from the list.

  7. Sports Collectibles,Comic,Fake Wrestling,Bargain Bin,Ebay,Craigslist,MySpace,Total GEEK!!!!!!!!

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