Wax Heaven is doomed!

The man who wrote this amazing essay about the card industry, has started his own blog. I think Ben Henry just became obsolete!

Also, there are three or four new blogs I will be adding to the Sports Cards Blog Directory. Give me a couple of hours and I will do just that, along with a new Blog Spotlight!

We are now at over 100 blogs about Sports Cards. Amazing!


One comment

  1. Mario,

    I could never have guessed one year ago when I found myself drawn back into the hobby, that I would be the author of a blog dedicated to it. To be able to write about the art of collecting is an honor in itself.

    To have my name, my work, and my blog simply mentioned, much less, advocated by WaxHeaven.com is an even greater honor. Thank you so much for your kind words and your support, Mario. It is greatly appreciated.

    I promise to make every attempt to keep from becoming simply “one more” baseball card blog. Please feel free to email me with any concerns you might have once you visit the site. I’m new to the genre and I’m open to any and all criticism. Both positive and negative.

    I look forward to serving the readers of the greatest hobby in the world.



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