Is this guy the next Jose Canseco?

When you hear a phrase like “the next Jose Canseco” being used, negativity immediately clouds your mind. Is someone being called a clubhouse Cancer? Is he on Steroids? Does he strike out too much? Well, for once someone is being compared to Jose and it’s for something wonderful, his power.

I always hear, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and that certainly rings true in Chicago. The White Sox picked up Carlos Quentin after the Diamondbacks, the same organization that didn’t want Dan Uggla, traded him for a Single-A Minor League Player.

At 25 years old it’s going to take a lot too impress collectors who are more interested in picking up a box of 2008 Bowman Little League than an “over the hill” Carlos Quentin. Try telling that to Chicago fans who are struggling to win eBay auctions of Carlos Quentin cards. What’s even more of a twist is that it appears that Quentin’s best rookie card doesn’t come from Bowman Chrome as is usually the case but from a Topps Chrome of all brands. If you are a White Sox fan, good luck picking one up!

Below is a photo of a 2004 Topps Chrome Autographed Black Refractor #’d to 25.

One comment

  1. I’ve been following this guy since last year before he hit his hot streak. I pulled his auto in ’06 Future Stars and I’ve considered collecting him ever since. I don’t know why but he reminds me of Vinny Castilla.

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