An Open Letter To Baseball Fans in South Florida

You guys make me sick.

Yes, every single one of you that hasn’t been to a Marlins game this season. Did you even know that for most of the season we have been in first place despite having the lowest salary in baseball? Hanley Ramirez has been signed to a long term multi-million dollar contract and Danny Uggla might hit 50 home runs when all is said and done. Do you even care?

There’s more to life than going to the gym, tanning salons, and Starbucks. I know going to day games is a pain but what about supporting your home team? These guys are doing everything they can to compete against the evil New York Mets and Atlanta Braves. Do you know that three out of four teams in our division spent over $100 million in salary? There is a player on the Yankees who will make more in 2008 than our entire team. Oh, he also happens to play on a last place team.

We are by no means wealthy but we have made the sacrifice. This is a baseball card site but it’s been months since we’ve done a video box break. Why? Cause we can’t afford to go to games and buy baseball cards. If I can make a sacrifice, why can’t you? So get up off your ass and come out to Dolphin Stadium. If you’re lucky you just might run into the Infamous Tatiana & myself. And unlike this loser, we won’t charge you $500 to spend the day with us. I will glady accept all your Andrew Miller doubles, though! 🙂



  1. As a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays, I can’t understand why the Rays’ attendance isn’t higher either. In both cases, it’ll probably take some time for the local fans to get used to having a winning team to root for. Additionally, Marlins fans must have it in the back of their mind that when the team becomes good, ownership has always decided to break apart the team and rebuild. It must be tough to keep coming out to root for a team under those circumstances.

  2. I know you’re not going to agree with this but as a resident of Miami and a life long University of Miami supporter, I will never, ever support the Florida/Miami Marlins.

    In my opinion, that organization has been nothing but deceitful to it’s own employees as well as fans for years but especially during this current ownership.

    They’ve defrauded millions of dollars of money out of a financially starving city and county and a school that since it’s inception, has done nothing but support the local economy. I wish nothing but ruin upon this organization and I look forward to the day when they are no longer here.

    Of course this is all just my opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

  3. I don’t understand, either. If I had the opportunity to go to more Major League games, I would. But living in central Arkansas, I’m at least 6 hours from any MLB team. (I am about to make a trip to Houston just to go see the Red Sox play the Astros.)

    The other day the Braves played the Mets, and it was Hudson vs. Santana, and the attendance was only 60% of capacity. I just don’t understand that! Two great pitchers, on teams with plenty of superstars, yet there were thousands of available seats. If I lived within a couple of hours, I would’ve went to that game.

  4. I hear ya. Nobody can figure out why more people don’t come out to see the Oakland A’s who have put a great product on the field pretty much the last 8 years in a row.

  5. Having relocated to Southwest Florida 2 years ago from Pittsburgh, I was in the market for a baseball team to root for. Over forty years faithfully following the Pirates and watching them deal away player after player for financial reasons, it was time, reluctantly, for a change. I know baseball. I’ve played in college, coached at the HIgh School level, and have been to over half the major league parks in the country. I “shopped” the local teams during the Spring (Red Sox and Twins in Ft. Myers) and the Major League Marlins and Rays. After going a few times to Dolphin Stadium, it is the WORST stadium in baseball. You can’t see the game well, can’t move around the facility and the lack of attendance is SO poor that it is depressing. There was less than 400 people present the one game I attended! Minor League hockey is more exciting.
    It takes just 45 minutes more to go to St. Petersburg. While Tropicana Field is no WRigley Field or Camden Yards, you actually feel like your at a baseball game. We got near the action, even in the outfield, the free parking was great, the fod was good, and the fans were engaged. The core of young players is exciting and the Rays don’t have a track record of “renting” players to win a title (Shefield, Bonilla, Alou) and haven’t sold them off just when they were getting good. (Beckett) Therefore, I won’t waste my time to see the Marlins, but will make the 2 hour drive to the Trop at least once a month. I found my team. GO RAYS!

  6. The Rays drew 1.3-1.4 million fans in 2008 and will draw 1.9 – 2.0 million in 09 which is really good for them. They had a great season and saw a good increase, but it takes time to get a following.

    The Marlins drew well in 1997 when they spent money, had talent and won the World Series. I believe too many 20 million dollar payroll seasons drove the fans away. I think they will spend more when they get the new stadium but ticket prices will be more also.

    Its not the fans at fault, MLB fans in all markets what a playoff quality product more times then not for them to support the team.

    I think if you realigned the divisions and added some more playoffs teams then more markets would be able to draw.

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