A & G: Innovative or just plain desperate?

When I got back into collecting and heard about the infamous 2007 Allen & Ginter George Washington DNA card I was awe-struck. If that’s not the greatest pull imaginable, what is? Well, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter is right around the corner and this time they are pulling out all the stops.

Not only will they include DNA cards of Abraham Lincoln, you can now also pull DNA cards of John F. Kennedy, Jackie-O, and Beethoven. Hell, there is even a card with a dinosaur bone in it and a relic with a monster truck tire as well. Just what I always wanted.

Does anyone else find it kind of creepy that you are getting pieces of dead humans and used-up rubber in your pack of baseball cards? Who are they gonna dig up next for 2009? I’d like a piece of Andy Rooney if you don’t mind.



  1. Well, I wouldnt go so far as innovative, but they are “creative.” I guess they needed to make this product bigger and badder than last year and figured that no one would pay the 150 per box without the chance of a huge pull. Bruce Lee and GW were the big ones last year, and this year, like always they needed more. In this industry, its never okay to go with what works, you need to always go above and beyond – no matter who you step on in the process.

  2. totally overrated product. if i buy any it will be singles and no packs/boxes.

  3. I’m kind of torn by it. ’07 A&G was the first box I bought when I got back in. For that matter, it was the first hobby box I ever bought. I loved it. I still might go back and build a base set.

    I don’t know why, but I loved the gimmicks. It seemed like the only set that made it really work. If you look at vintage original A&G sets it had sports other than baseball included. I will buy at least one box of the ’08 stuff.

    The THREE issues I had with ’07 was the price that I paid considering the hits. I pulled two game used (Beltran Bat and a Pudge Jersey) and a printing plate which, oddly enough, I shipped today (I made $20 on it.) I absolutely hated the Perez Sketch (good job on that article Mario) and even though I liked the mini’s, there were way too many variations.

  4. They’ve been doing race used tire cards in Nascar sets for years. If I wanted one, I’d buy Nascar cards.

    Apparently collecting locks of hair from celebrities used to be a mainstream hobby a hundred years ago or so. I agree it’s kind of odd but I wouldn’t complain if I pulled Ludwig Van. JFK’s hair? Now that would get my skin crawling. EBay’s not too comfortable with the idea either as we can see from the debacle where they deleted a George Washington DNA card auction twice last year.

  5. Just wait ’til 2010 for a DNA card of John Holmes. I guarantee the DNA sample won’t be a hair.

  6. Love ’em! Topps should feel free to short print all the Yankees though to save me the hassle of trying to acquire them, and prevent my set from stinking in the process.

  7. What if these DNA cards fall into the hands of an evil scientist who has developed the process to clone humans and he creates a super evil army of Abraham Lincoln clones? *shudders*

  8. How about a Jose Canseco skin with tattoo (just think “this piece of skin has 4 colors and a mole”) relic card, in 2045..they have been preserving peoples tattooed skin for ages im sure its not far away from our wax packs!!

  9. i like the idea, pretty amazing pulls if you get one. better than pulling a auto of the Rip Master.

  10. I don’t mind the DNA cards, however I think the dino bone is rather stupid as you can buy fossils for pretty cheap

  11. Ok folks this is real gross.
    With all the authentic game used shit!
    How about this one,,used condoms from porn stars did the cover that yet?
    Or maybe Jenna Jamieson G-String card like a scratch and sniff maybe?
    These over priced game used cards are just another gimmick to sell cards! Please I’m so over this………………..

  12. We get it Alejandro. You hate Beckett, Video Games and Guitar Hero.

    I agree that the set is pretty odd, but the point of the original A&G set was to celebrate World’s Champions, thus the name, Allen & Ginter World’s Champions. If anyone failed it’s the Air-Guitarist failing to be an actual Guitarist. LOL Oh, and the Henderson pick card is dope! You get -1 Internets for dissing the Guitar Hero guy…

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