Who’s going into round 2?

26 05 2008

Guys, the games have started! This is just a little post to keep track of who is winning or at least going into round 2 for the Memorial Day Contest! Let me know if your guy homers and I will add your name to the round 2 list. Contest came to an end last night and no new names can be added after that. Sorry to the guys who came in late and/or chose someone not playing today.

Homeruns 5/26 – Round 2:

Derek Lee picked by Charlie of Hawk to the Hall

Nick Markakis picked by Larry the Sewing Machine Guy

Brian McCann picked by “Lemurballs”

Chase Utley picked by Rosschrisman2003

David Ortiz picked by Beppo

Jim Thome picked by Handcollated




9 responses

26 05 2008
Larry the sewingmachineguy

My guy Markakis went deep today.

For the next contest, lets pick the next unknown double A pitcher to shut-out my Detroit Tigers.

26 05 2008

someone picked Brian McCann I think, who went yard today.

26 05 2008

Mario, my guy Chase Utley hit a homer tonight.

27 05 2008

i can’t believe McCann hit one for me, lmao.

27 05 2008

Sweet!! Round 2, here I come. I knew D Lee would come through today.

27 05 2008

I can’t believe Juan Pierre let me down.

27 05 2008
Mario A.

As of now I only see those six, if anyone is missing let me know.

There will be a Video Blog later tonight with a surprise and at the end a live raffle for the winner.

27 05 2008

sounds good, see you all after work.

27 05 2008

cool, sounds like fun. i knew utley would pull through for me.

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