The Superfractor Mystery

For as common as they are these days, 1 of 1 cards seem to have lost a lot of their luster. Hell, I pulled four of them last year in a six month period and probably could have doubled it by now if I kept busting wax. That being said, the Superfractor phenomenon is far from over. You can still pull a Super from many products (Topps Chrome, Finest, Bowman Chrome) and sell it within a week for thousands of dollars on eBay.

Let’s get it clear, this is no 1 of 1 from Moments & Milestones or some lousy printing plate—this is the very best Refractor parallel on the market and just about everyone in the world who collects wants one. My question to you is how far are you willing to go to own one? Would you create one on Photoshop to brag about it?

That just might be the scenario we are looking at because today someone pullled the Lincecum Super and went to Beckett’s message board to brag. The only problem was that according to another member, it had been pulled 6+ months ago! So is it a case of someone with a little too much “Super Envy” or has Topps fouled up again and included more cards than what the print run states? Check out this super duper (sorry guys, I had to!). It is a photo of a sheet of uncut Superfractors. Can someone find what’s wrong with it?



  1. I know of someone who has gone through this with another product, ill try to get him to come over and chime in..

  2. Wow. One of one, my butt. Same player twice. Not sure who it is but in a Nationals uniform. 2nd row 4th card and 5th row 9th card.

  3. Oh, actually all of the last cards on the 5th row are doubles of the second row. Second row cards 1-5 then the fifth row cards 6-10. Crazy.

  4. Even more doubles on first row starting with the brave pitcher and ross detwiller. Doubles on the now infamous 5th row. Could someone explain what is going on with this uncut sheet? Are these not 1/1?

  5. Looks like someone has figured out how to produce sheets of so called 1 of 1’s. Nothing in this industry is safe any longer. Its a shame. Just like this user has figured out how to reprint these cards on Ebay and sell them for hundreds of dollars (Take a look at their completed auctions) when they are basically worthless. Take a look….its a joke.

  6. I thought that was a sheet from Topps posted on Beckett?

    I believe there were two of every autographed 1/1 produced – and the player gets a copy. If I recall correctly that sheet had Arenciba on it with a spelling error as well.

  7. One of the Twins collectors on the dreaded BMB posted that they had 7 of the 5 “red refractors” of a twins prospect or player. It was a huge deal. This doesnt surprise me.

  8. good call eric young there were 2 of the same players and there was no machine auto on the cards

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