Escaping the box of commons

I am now on hour 17 of Operation Commons Box Rescue. I have no regrets about this weekend, although I am probably legally insane by now. For the first time in a long time I see the end of this mission. I am looking at one, two hours tops and it’s finally complete.

One of the reasons for my journey into the commons box was to pull cards I might have missed and bring them into my superstars box. In the world of superstars you are treated with penny sleeves and a fresh, clean top loader. I am ashamed to say that both Lance Berkman and Brandon Webb were in my commons box, as were many lower-tier Florida Marlins. I can now say that all my hard work has been worth it as I will soon be able to pull cards of an entire team roster in 10 minutes to get auto’d in games. In the past, it would have taken an hour. This

Below are three of the nicer Brandon Webb cards that I pulled out of the commons box. In total I recovered 11 Brandon Webb, 12 Lance Berkman, and over 20 current Florida Marlins cards. Not bad, huh? The two Co-Signer cards are #’d to 225 and 199, respectively.


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