Do you see Bronson in your nightmares?

This post is a tribute to the very first non-Jose Canseco blog done on this site, which single-handedly created Wax Heaven.

While opening box after box of 2007 products, one name above any other kept coming up again and again: Michael Bourne. It wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if Michael was the next Rickey Henderson or Jose Guillen but as you can see by his 2008 stats, he’s not even close.

Well, it’s a new season for collectors and we are aleready being bombarded with new products almost every single week. I have not been fortunate enough to bust as much this year but one man has followed in Bourne’s footsteps and his name is Bronson Sardinha. I currently own his ’08 Co-Signers autograph.

You see, it’s one thing to have a lot of auto’s in products but it’s a total different thing when you pay $200+ for a box of ’08 Premier and you pull an autograph of a guy who’s biggest contribution to baseball is having the longest last name (KiheimahanaoSardinha) in the history of the game. Guys, this man is not even playing in the Bigs right now. He wasn’t even signed until two weeks ago when the Indians picked him up and sent him to the minors. Remember that next time you pull one of his autographs.


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