Dan Uggla gets no respect, I tell ya!

25 05 2008

It’s bad enough that Uggla’s MVP-like numbers for the first place Florida Marlins probably won’t be enough to make him a starter in the All-Star game. That is understandable when you are up against a popular guy like Chase Utley but now Upper Deck has officially given Dan Uggla the finger by putting Mike Jacobs on all his 2008 SPx baseball cards, including the game-used relics.

Oh, and for anyone keeping track…Dan Uggla has more home runs, RBI, and a much better average than Chase Utley so far through the season. Give the man some freaking props! Upper Deck, I’m looking at you! Oh, and if you need some help identifying ball players, give me a call U.D.




3 responses

25 05 2008

Wow, if they can’t get a picture of the right guy on the cards, I wonder how many game-used jersey cards actually have a jersey from the wrong guy…

25 05 2008

What the hell? Don’t they have people who check this stuff. That is messed up.

27 05 2008

Just another reason to hate Upper Deck for me

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